About us

Semiluna de Bronz is a social entrepreneurship project that:

  • highly values national history, archeology, culture and traditions;
  • promotes eco-traditional tourism with respect for nature and the village;
  • preserves the rural authenticity, the hosts are people from the community who receive the clients as guests / family members;
  • presents a model of eco-traditional tourism in which guests are fully involved in the socio-cultural life of the village;
  • aims to improve ecological status and promote an ecological lifestyle;
  • produces local natural gastronomic products according to ecological standards;
  • creates handmade thematic products, inspired by traditional crafts and national culture;
  • brings income that will be reinvested in projects and development activities of the rural communities involved.

Project Casa Mare

Project Casa Mare (PCM) is a non-governmental organization registered in 2014 in Moldova, which together with the National Association of Social Workers in Moldova develops a state-of-the-art model of social work, called social expertise, according to global needs. and international standards, based on the values and best practices of global social work.

In Moldova this organization is actively involved in promoting human rights, justice and social welfare, traditional culture and patriotism through community organization and social entrepreneurship projects.

The PCM team is made up of social workers from Moldova and the United States who are united by the common goal of creating an innovative model for the development of general welfare and implementing it in the Republic of Moldova.

PCM is the key organization in the implementation of the Semiluna de Bronz project, as it manages activities, ensures partnerships at national and international level and coordinates the local organizations involved.

Address: 29/1 Bălănescu street, Chisinau
Email: projectcasamare@gmail.com

ANEASM Association

National Association of Social Workers in Moldova is a professional association of workers in the field of social protection registered in 2016 in Moldova whose aim is professionalization, legislation and education social work in Moldova in accordance with international best practices and standards.

NASWM has over 200 members, social workers from Moldova, who work at governmental and non-governmental level in institutions in the field of social protection in Moldova.

The association created and developed the concept of the Semiluna de Bronz project, based on the values, principles and practices of social work on a community level. The project is a product of the systemic wellness region methodology, an innovative model that assumes that to develop a community it is necessary to have a holistic approach, involving the development of each branch: economic, social, ecological, medicine, security, education, etc. At the same time, the Association prepares through education and professionalization the implementation team of Semiluna de Bronz based on the values and practices of the profession of social workers.

Address: 29/1 Bălănescu street, Chisinau
Email: nasw.moldova@gmail.com


The Vocational Rehabilitation Center "VRC-Moldova" is a non-governmental organization registered in 2019 in Moldova in order to promote and implement the process of rehabilitation and social integration of people with mental disorders through occupational therapy and art in a systemic manner.

The center provides services for vocational rehabilitation and social reintegration of people with mental health problems by conducting training workshops in making handmade products, stimulating group activities and organizing various socio-cultural events.

The "VRC-Moldova" center is also a generator of creative ideas and products. The staff of this organization monitors the process of making handmade and handicraft products "Zeita de Carbuna", as well as the production of canned food and drinks from the series of the national brand "Taurul Negru".

Address: 49/2 Mateevici street, Chisinau
Email: vrc.moldova@gmail.com


The Institute for Community Welfare (ICW) was registered as an NGO in New York State, USA founded in 2019 and aims to develop and implement advanced educational models that integrate academic knowledge with professional skills of social work that are focused on community welfare, interdisciplinary collaboration and social entrepreneurship.

The institute serves as a center for international collaboration in the field of social work, development of educational programs and interdisciplinary integration for methodological innovation in the practice of social work at the macro level. The institute promotes the professionalization of social activities in the direction of community welfare - through advanced curricula and community-based projects.

ICW ensures the visibility and promotion of the Semiluna de Bronz project internationally, especially through the academic and professional environment of social workers from around the world.


The Youth Club for Social Entrepreneurship is a non-governmental association registered in 2022 with the mission to involve young people in regional, national and international projects that promote education, creativity and community welfare development.

The Youth Club for Social Entrepreneurship focuses on encouraging and promoting social entrepreneurship among young people. This involves the development and implementation of initiatives and projects with positive social impact.

The Youth Club for Social Entrepreneurship team is made up of young people aged 18 - 30 who share a common passion for social entrepreneurship and for contributing to positive change in the community and society. These enthusiastic young people bring a diversity of experiences, skills and perspectives to the organisation, creating a stimulating and dynamic environment.

The Youth Club for Social Entrepreneurship, through its clear vision, its varied programmes and activities and its commitment to social and educational values, stands out as a driving force in developing young social entrepreneurs and building a more responsible and equitable future.

Address: Strada Al. Cosmescu, 28, Chisinau.
Email: clubultinerilorantrsocial@gmail.com