Camp Socratica

At the summer youth camp Socratica, our teenage participants will discover their true selves that are occluded by electronic avatars. In the natural environment and through simple living, teens’ own characters will emerge from the pernicious technological fog. They will unlearn the dependency on virtual connections and stop escaping into electronic fantasies.

This transition from a social media or electronic game-dependent teen to a human being is not easy and, as withdrawals from any addiction, is fraught with setbacks and disappointments, but our participants are supported by trained social workers, psychologists, and vocational specialists who provide close supervision and rehabilitation services.

Furthermore, the rural area where Socratica is located, is a healing community of simple and honest people who welcome our participants into their own fold. We did not want to create an enclave that is removed from the outside influence. To the contrary, we consider the community of the Village of Carbuna the main rehabilitation resource.

Socratica is situated in Carbuna, a village in the country remote enough from the perils of contemporary civilization to provide a healthy natural alternative and yet close enough to be accessible by 1 hour-drive from the international airport in Moldova. Your child will be picked up at the airport in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova and brought directly to Carbuna, an authentic village located in a bucolic setting where water is taken from wells, transportation is horse-driven, internet access is restricted, agriculture is traditionally practiced, and many articles of consumption are hand-made.

Together with local residents and under the supervision of staff, our teenage participants take part in many village activities – planting, harvesting, cooking, craft-making, construction, celebrations, etc. The participants will also be encouraged to express themselves creatively through painting, sculpture, poetry, etc. The main result of the stay at Camp Socratica is healing through self-awakening.