Semiluna de Bronz is a project that was developed through the consortium of several academically-affiliated Consortium that include the Master of Social Work program at the Free International University of Moldova, York College of the City University of New York, and Institute for Community Wellness. Semiluna de Bronz was organized as through the social work community economy methodology that emanated from research, pedagogies, and program development by the Consortium. The activities of the Semiluna de Bronz project are implemented, monitored, and assessed in collaboration with the Consortium and participation of graduates of its academic programs.

Semiluna de Bronz is the platform of ongoing scholarly inquiry in the variety of academic fields that include archaeology, ecology, history, agriculture, and economy. The Project draws academic experts from Moldova and abroad as it hosted not only international collaborative research projects but also seminars and forums. Semiluna de Bronz is responsible for scholarship production, both in Moldova and abroad, that illuminates rural conditions, environmental challenges, and social entrepreneurship opportunities. The Project provides sustenance to theoretical framework that enriches such professional disciplines as social work and nursing as well as such academic disciplines as history and anthropology.